Research Interests

I am interested in Large Scale Networks - Social Networks, Internet, etc. In particular, (1) Modelling, Analysis and Simulation of Large Scale Networks and (2) Theoretic Problems- Information Diffusion, Link Prediction, etc. Look below for detailed information.

Research Experience

Navigability and Searching in Complex Networks
B.Tech Major Project
Sept 2010- Apr 2011
Guide : Praphul Chandra, Senior Research Scientist, Hewlett Packard Labs, Bangalore

I'm studying about Complex Networks and Decentralised Search Algorithms in these networks. I'm also studying efficient Search mechanisms based on Hidden Metric Spaces. Read more
Download the Report here.

Download the document on Random Walks in Power Law Graphs here

Placement Algorithm for Virtual Machines
Research Project
Feb 2010- May 2010
Guide : Dr. Umesh Bellur, Associate Prof., Department of Computer Science and Engineering, IIT Bombay

Introduced a modified algorithm for the placement of Virtual Machines in a data center. The aim is to minimize the number of physical machines on which the Virtual Machines can be allocated. Read more This is the wiki page for the project.
The Initial Report is available. View

Link Prediction in Social Networks
B.Tech Mini Project
Jan 2010- April 2010

For my junior thesis at National Institute of Technology(NIT), Calicut, we looked at the the Link Prediction Problem in Social Networks. We were motivated by the increasing proliferation of Social Networks and related problems. Formally, the problem is to predict links between nodes of a network given a snapshot of a graph showing links between nodes at an earlier time. Link Prediction Mechansims are usually estimation measures like the Katz Measure, Jaccard's coefficient, etc. that try to predict the possibility of a link based on different factors like number of mutual interactions, co-occurence data, etc. We implemented a tool that preprocessed raw network data and does Link Prediction on the graph(a Colloborative Graph Model was used) developed from the network data.
Download the final report here

f-Edge Cover Coloring of Nearly Bipartite Graphs
Summer Internship , Indian Institute of Science(IISc.), Bangalore
Jun 2009- Jul 2009
Guide : Dr. Sunil Chandran, Computer Science and Automation, IISc., Bangalore

Reviewed an unpublished manuscript On f-edge cover coloring of nearly Bipartite Graphs. A thorough literature survey of edge colorings and edge cover colorings on different types of graphs was done, with emphasis on Bipartite Graphs. Read more


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